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Ages 7+

Ballet is fundamental for all dancers. Ballet provides the basis for all forms of dance and is taken as a pre-requisite for all other dance forms.   This intermediate form of ballet encourages proper technique, posture and muscular strength. Classes are taught using basics Cecchetti methods along with R.A.D. and Russian techniques. Students will understand classical ballet vocabulary and proper body mechanics required in ballet dance.



Ages 7+

Jazz dance is a high-energy dance form that focuses on rhythmic movements to popular music. Using the Dunham technique, classes emphasis isolation movements, turns, leaps, and Afro- Caribbean movements.



Ages 7+

Tap dance uses the rhythmic movement of the feet to teach musicality and coordination. Taught with a focus on Broadway style tap dance fused with rhythmic, or jazz, tap, students learn various tap steps and combinations.



Ages 7+ or by instructor approval

Acrobatics is a combination of tumbling and contortion.  It resembles a gymnastic class without the equipment.  on fundamental acrobatic technique to increase flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, endurance, timing, body awareness, self-discipline, and confidence.


Hip- Hop

Ages 7+ or by instructor approval

Hip-Hop is a style of dance that incorporates a wide range of urban dance forms. Classes integrate students’ personal freestyles with choreograph movements while emphasizing group precision. Students are also introduced to the basics of east coast Hip-Hop dance forms.


Modern/ Contemporary/ Lyrical

Instructor Approval Required

Modern is based off ballet but is not as funky as Jazz or Hip-Hop. Modern uses a greater range of body movements by the use of energy, breath phrasing, fall and rebound contraction and release. Classes are primarily taught using the Horton technique. Humphrey-Limon, Cunningham, and Hawkins techniques are also introduced. Improvisation is integrated into this class, as well. Modern dance is wonderful for finding a dancer’s center placement and strength.


Primary Dance

Ages 2-6 yrs.

Pre-Dance is a fun and energetic introduction to Ballet, Jazz, Tap, and Acrobatics. Designed for ages 2-6 years old, classes introduce young children to dance by focusing on basic movements, creative expression, and dance vocabulary, all in a fun and exciting environment.

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