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Meet the Team

You’re in Great Hands

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DeShon Rollins

Acrobatics & Jazz Instructor

DeShon Niajhi Rollins is from Southampton County Virginia and is an alumnus of The Virginia State University. He decided very early that he wanted to be a star . He started dancing, twirling baton, playing trumpet, and singing all at a very young age. DeShon Rollins has made a big impact in multiple cities up and down the east coast .  While attending Virginia State University, DeShon joined various performance organizations such as Sankofa Dance Theater where he earned the position as principle dancer . He is also a member of VSU premier Hiphop dance organization AbstraKt Entertainment .DeShon was featured in the Washington Post as well as Vh1's Pass the Baton challenge . Soon after graduation, DeShon continued his professional studies at The Joffrey Ballet School located in the  New York City ! Where he trained intensively under some of the top artist/instructors in the industry. DeShon is currently now a professional dancer with The Latin Ballet Of Virginia, where he tours domestically and internationally spreading his love for dance . DeShon promotes dance in all formalities along with encouraging his fellow colleagues and students each day!  

Photography by : Gianna Grace Photography 
In dance, you’re always growing and always learning … living in a realm of constant evolution.  ”
— ~DeShon

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Kimberly Thomas

Hip-Hop Instructor

Kimberly Thomas is originally from Walterboro, South Carolina, but grew up in Roanoke, VA. Kimberly started her dance journey in the 5th grade at a school talent. From there she self-taught herself how to do hip-hop dancing and choreography. She later on attended the Virginia State University where she received a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies minoring in Elementary Education. While attending Virginia State University, Kimberly joined one of the best dance organizations called AbstraKt Entertainment. Their purpose was to mold, build, teach, and inspire their members to become better dancers, entertainers, students, and humanitarians. Kimberly lives by this purpose when she performs in front of a crowd; and now also want to instill these same qualities into the dancers that come after her.


Noelani Corey

Modern/Contemporary Dance Instructor

Noelani was raised in Richmond, Virginia where she studied dance from a very young age. While in high school she studied at Chesterfield Dance Center under the instruction of Carrie Hughes. She also attended Thomas Dale High School's Specialty Center for Visual and Performing Arts and graduated with numerous awards for her innovative choreography. Noelani has trained as a Dance & Choreography Major at Virginia Commonwealth University where she has performed works by Melanie Richards, Courtney Harris and Liz Lerman. Her choreographic success has led to her work “Experimental Opposition of a Paradigm”  being performed at the 2018 American College Dance Association Mid-Atlantic South Regional Conference. She was later awarded by the Virginia Commonwealth University Dance department as an “Outstanding Choreographer” for her work. Noelani is excited to bring her love of contemporary modern and choreography to Artistry in Motion PAC!”

Photography by Katrina Boone of Gianna Grace Photography


Jessica Speakes

Primary Dance Instructor

Jessica Speakes began dance at the Philadelphia School of Dance Arts the mother organization of the Philadelphia Dance Company (Philadanco) under the direction of Dr. Joan Myers Brown. As in instructor, Ms. Speakes served five years as a teaching apprentice for Ballet, Jazz, and Tap at the Philadelphia School of Dance Arts where she later became an instructor. In 2010, Jessica joined the Canaan Conservatory for Arts and Music staff under the direction of Ms. Bonnie Bing. She is a graduate of Temple University where she studied Early Childhood & Elementary Education.  Jessica’s deep seeded passion for dance and education has made her committed to the holistic development of young children’s self-expression, creativity, and appreciation for the performing arts.

Instructors: Dance Instructors
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